CMES Shipping Signs Shipbuilding Contract for 2+2 Large LNG Carriers

Date : 2022-03-31 Source : CMES SHIPPING

31 March 2022 – CMES Shipping operating under China Merchants Group (CMG) signed online a shipbuilding contract for 2+2 large LNG carriers with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited (DSIC) and China Shipbuilding Trading Company Limited (CSTC) under China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC) in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing. CMG's Chairman Miao Jianmin, President Hu Jianhua  and Director Wang Hong  were joined by CSSC's Chairman Lei Fanpei, President Yang Jincheng and President Sheng Jigang to witness the signing process.

Miao Jianmin said that the cooperation between DSIC and CMES Shipping in building VLCCs and large bulk carriers has yielded remarkable results, and their partnership has culminated in a new generation of smart and green VLCCs including New Vision and New Era and also in the innovation of New Vitality, a sail-assisted VLCC, thereby to helping improve the overall strength of China's shipbuilding industry and also lay a solid foundation for China's energy shipping safety. As the owner of globally leading VLCCs and VLOCs, CMES Shipping is aggressive in tapping into the LNG shipping business in response to the need for CMG to reshape its shipping business and also in answer to China's new demand for energy shipping. Mr Miao anticipated the successful building, launch and sailing of the LNG carriers under the contract, and expected CMES Shipping and DSIC to work closely together to open a new chapter in the journey toward high-quality development.

Mr Lei Fanpei hoped that both parties would strengthen exchange and communication, explore the possibility of cooperation in a wider range of areas, jointly create a role model for cooperation between centrally administered enterprises, and contribute more to the implementation of China's key national strategies towards becoming a strong country in maritime power, manufacturing, and science and technology.

On behalf of each party, Xu Hui, Vice President of CMES Shipping, Hu Kai, President of CSTC and Lin Jiming, Deputy General Manager of DSIC signed the shipbuilding contract for 2+2 large LNG carriers, including two LNG carriers each with a carrying capacity of 175,000 cubic meters and two other such ships that the buyer has the preemptive right to purchase.

The signing ceremony was chaired by Wang Yongliang, Director of Marine and Offshore Engineering Department of CSSC. Also attending the event were Zhang Junli, CMG's Chief Administrative Officer and Director of the General Office, Deng Weidong, General Manager of CMG's Strategy and Development Department/Technological Innovation Department, Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping, and Hu Yong, General Manager of China Merchants Taipingwan Development & Investment; Yang Zhizong, Chairman of DSIC and senior officers from the Comprehensive Management Department of CSSC and CSTC. 

Green and smart - this is an extraordinary ship!

The type of ship involved in this contract is 295 meters long, 46.4 meters wide and 26.2 deep. The ship provides a waterline of 11.5 meters, a service speed of 19.5 knots, and a total cargo capacity of 175,000 cubic meters. Suitable for berthing at most large LNG shore stations around the world, it delivers robust port adaptability and ship-shore compatibility. The ship is equipped with the newest LNG dual-fuel low-speed main unit. When operating in both oil and gas modes, it keeps up with the most stringent emission standard set by the International Maritime Organization  and further reduces oil and gas consumption of the main unit. The new twin-skeg lines  help improve the ship's hydrodynamic performance and enhance the safety redundancy of its propulsion system. The ship comes standard with a GTT Mark III Flex cargo containment system and a re-liquefaction unit that gives strong flexibility in processing LNG boil-off gas. Currently, the basic design for the ship has been completed, and has received approval in principle (AIP) from Lloyd's Register of Shipping  and China Classification Society (CCS) .