China Merchants Guangzhou RoRo Shipping Company Limited (CMRORO), incorporated in Nansha, Guangzhou on 20 September 2019, is a joint venture established by China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES) and Guangzhou Automobile Group Business Co., Ltd. (GAC Business). The former holds 70% of the share, and the latter holds 30%. As for China Merchants Shenzhen RoRo Shipping Company Limited, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMRORO. Established in 1984, it is one of the first companies to be involved in Ro-Ro logistics in China. As a comprehensive shipping logistics company, it specializes in transportation of commercial vehicle and engineering machinery, overseas automobile trade agent, special transportation, terminal operation, automobile warehousing and distribution, and automobile logistics IT services. Currently, CMRORO Shenzhen secures a market-leading position in terms of fleet size, logistics network, market share, and number of customers served. CMRORO undertakes the mission of ensuring the safety of China's automobile transportation and promoting the development of green logistics. It focuses on enhancing the advantages of "connection between river and ocean, with the advantage of time" and "interlink between water and land, complete facilities and one-stop service", strives to develop a nation-wide highway-railway-maritime intermodal logistic network founded on visualized logistics information technology, and to become an essential logistic guarantee for the exportation of China's automobiles. It is dedicated to turn the Company into an integrated vehicle logistics service provider with "a local leading position and worldwide reputation".