China Merchants Energy Shipping (Singapore) Holding Pte., Ltd., ("CMES Singapore") was incorporated in Singapore in February 1995. As the foreign portal and platform of CMES for Singapore and its neighboring areas, CMES Singapore's current businesses include: investment in upstream and downstream shipping operations; vessel rental and management and repair and building supervision; maritime and marine engineering services; and maritime and marine engineering trade. The company is committed to building trust and reliable partnerships with its customers, to become a world-leading one-stop maritime services provider.

China Merchants Energy Shipping (USA), LLC. was incorporated in February 2019 in the United States. Its business scope is targeted at the regional operation and scheduling of the CMES' tanker fleet in the markets of the US Gulf, the Caribbean and South America. Through serving strategic major clients of the regions in a localized manner, and promptly answering to the needs of clients, it seizes regional market dynamics and expands the regional business. The establishment of the US company has further improved the layout of the existing global business network of CMES in the tanker sector. This also helps with the global operation of the VLCC crude oil fleet of Associated Maritime Company (Hong Kong) Limited (AMCL) and further development of the foreign market. The crude oil transportation will be truly equipped with 24-hour uninterrupted service capabilities to provide clients with all-day and all-rounded services.